The flickering light of the television illuminates Tobias worked torso, its a pretty pathetic attempt at porn, as is the case with most cable pornography, but its raw enough to get him hard, and hard is what he needs. He could feel the waves of loneliness breaking against the shores of his resolve, its Tuesday night and the “Red Room” was calling, the three beers he’d drunk would only make him succumb to the pain, the desperation. He would shower, get dressed, knock on the private members door of the Red Room’s, drink heavily, locate his target, and fuck their brains out, male or female, it seldom mattered, he found that both sexes were equally adept at dulling the pain.

But not tonight, he would drink, masturbate, and keep masturbating until the desperation left him, evaporated like ether form his soul. He had vowed not to let the darkness engulf him, to wake up naked in an unfamiliar part of town, spinning feeble excuses to leave as limp as his now spent cock.

He loved this part, the loss of control, the onset of climax, as he begins to cum, his thoughts reach their darkest and most extreme of imaginings, he was free and unbridled. The ringing telephone was a surprise for a number of reasons, to start, it had no place in his orgasm, its monotonous tone, drawing Tobias back to reality and also because his number was unlisted. In three years it had rang twice, both wrong numbers. He wiped the cum from his hands on the side of his vest, a disappointing, interrupted climax, no matter, he would try agin after dispatching the nuisance call, besides he liked yelling “wrong fucking number” to the pathetic sales woman or man on the other end of the phone. He could still feel his dick pulsing as he went for the phone, he loved that feeling.

‘Hello,’ as he spoke he realised these were the first words he’d said out loud all day.
‘Is this Tobias Ankran?’
‘Listen you Bangladeshi fuck, you called my number, so you fucking tell me”
’Tobias, my name is Lieutenant Ramirez, I’ve been instructed by Deputy Chief O’Brien to ask you to come down to precinct 38. They need you there as soon as possible’
’Who the fuck is this?’
‘My names Lieutenant Ramirez, this ‘aint a joke T.A get your ass down to the precinct, now.’ The phone went dead and Tobias’s body went cold, he hadn’t heard the nickname T.A in 3 months, not since getting kicked out the academy.

He switched off the porn and turned on the shower.

A novella by Buki Koshoni