A photographic celebration and exploration of fatherhood, in all its complexities and joys.

#proudfather is a photographic celebration and exploration of fatherhood, in all its complexities and joys.

From the biological, to the non biological, from the single parent father to same sex couple, the stay at home Dad, to the commuter and everything in between. We want to celebrate and champion fatherhood in all its rich diversity.

A series of portraits, photographed by award winning photographer Buki Koshoni, the project aims to challenge perceptions, provoke discourse and gain a wider understanding of Fatherhood.





A minimum of 15 minutes is suggested, happy to have as much time as you’re are willing to give.


Shooting at your home is preferable, also happy to shoot at a location of your choice. Pick somewhere you feel comfortable, not too crowded.


Make an effort. Don’t feel shy / silly about sprucing your self up, its a great idea. Grab a quick haircut, have a shave or trim. Look good, feel good, it makes for a confident portrait.


Simple, comfortable and natural to your personal style. Keep away from stripes or patterns (unless that’s your signature style) My advice would be keep it simple, with outfits of 2 or three colours max.

A fresh blue t-shirt worn over jeans. A neatly pressed shirt & blazer, a hoodie (no logo) and jeans. We highly encourage traditional formal wear, so if you have traditional outfits specific to your heritage, please feel free to wear them.



You of course know your kids best, so Ill leave the majority of this down to you. Simple and comfortable is definitely my recommendation, keep colours limited and stripes / patterns to a minimum.


Fresh faced and tidy hair would be amazing, no stress, the portraits will be great either way.


There are no rules or expectations as to the outcome or direction of the shoot. If the younger kids don’t feel like having their picture taken and hide behind Daddy, that’s fine. If a piggy-back is urgently requested, that works. If all involved must absolutely start jumping on the bed, that’s okay, or if cups of tea and a relaxed chat round the kitchen table are the order of the day, so be it. Posed, natural, laughing or formal, there is beauty in all of it, its a pleasure to capture your beautiful family in which ever way the day presents itself.


The images will be available 7 to 14 days after the shoot. A link will be sent allowing you to save any images you like. You will also be able to order framed / unframed prints if you so which at a reasonable cost.


A model release will need to be signed. The release will give permission to Buki Koshoni, to post images to the #proudfather Facebook page, as well as various online blogs / magazines to promote and showcase the project.

If for any reason you are not comfortable with signing the release, this is okay, no images shot will not be used as part of the #proudfather project or distributed in anyway. You will still be able to order prints and download them for personal use if requested.