BUKI Koshoni is a contemporary artist with a multidisciplinary approach.

Exploring cultural identity through Art Inspired Menswear & Conceptual Fine Art.

His Art Inspired Menswear, combines bold photographic prints, minimalist graphics and expert tailoring. An alliance of art and fashion, exploring both medium and form. Each photographic print & design, exclusive to BUKI Koshoni.

“As a fine art photographer, Koshoni’s desire was to break out the gallery, to create mobile artworks that seamlessly fit into everyday life.”

Koshoni’s approach to fine art is multidisciplinary, defined by his unique visual language, an amalgamation of his cultural diaspora, pan-african identity and cultural activism.

An award winning photographer, his portraiture has appeared in some of the world’s most highly respected publications, includingVanity Fair, The Sunday Times Magazine, The Independent and The British Journal of Photography. He’s shot advertising campaigns for, Panache Lingerie, JD Sports and OKUN Beachwear. As a commercial filmmaker, he’s produced films for Adidas, Sony Music, BMG Music, Universal Records, and FHM.

The love for fashion, film and the human form is evident in Koshoni’s Fine Art, which interrogates identity, personality and the body aesthetic. Taking an intimate approach to his subjects, his imagery celebrates personal narratives whilst creating sensual images that draw the audience into this visual journey. Koshoni employs a stylistic and humanistic approach to his subjects, resulting in a unique exploration of both condition & culture.

In addition to commissions for some of the worlds leading publications he has exhibited both nationally and internationally, most notably, as a Taylor Wessing Portrait finalist with the National Portrait Gallery, marking his status as a world-class portrait photographer & as a Gold Medal winner with GOSEE Berlin.

“The subject of personal identity has always been an ongoing conversation in my personal life and through art, I’m, able to capture and explore this dialogue. I like to shoot narrative portraits, placing people in costumes and situations that either compliment, validate, or disassemble, their public or personal persona.”

-Buki Koshoni